Las Vegas Auctions of 2011

I was lucky to get back to Alabama from Las Vegas before the snow and ice shut everything down. His is my third year to attend the motorcycle auction and thisyear we were able to attend the Bonhams event preceeeding the Mid-America auction.. This weekend gets better attended every year, and is getting to be the place to see old friends and aquaintancies, reminicient of what Daytona used to be. With everyone under one roof,and 400+ great bikes for sale,there is a bike for everyone, plus you just keep running in to people that you had not seen for 20 to 30 [or more] years.

I had to sit on my hand when the European only Honda 750 Paris Dakar replica came on the block!

Honda XLV 750

It was a great auction, but it top it off you could walk a hundred yards from the auction room into an indoor horse arena and watch short track races! Ably run by Gene Romero, the slick surface was conditioned by spreading 150 gallons of Coca Cola syrup on the course, but there were still plenty of thrills and spills. One surprise was the performance of 1970’s Ascot ace Rick Hocking who raced to a splendid second place in the main at 57 years young. I mentioned to Gene that he shouls get David Aldana next year in his famous skeleton leathers! One of my old customers thanked me for talking him into purchasing the #1 Seeley Condor from me in 1980 for the heady sum of $3500, a very high price at the time. Hip problems made it impossible to kickstart it and he sold it last year for 23 big ones. Thirty years of motorcycle enjoyment and he made a handsome profit, how can you top that?
Wearing my Barber hat, we bid on a few bikes, but they exceeded our estimation of their value. We did however purchase a replica of a 1903 Harley Davidson Why a replica? The chances of getting anoriginal are extremely slim, and with this bike which is fully functional, we can demo it around the perimeter road at the next Vintage Festival.
So, put Las Vegas on your bucket list, you can’t beat the entertainment of serious tire kicking and short track racing, not to mention that you will run in to many old friends, see you there!

I won’t bore you with the auction results as there are available online, but there were some very high prices paid (Bonhams Catalog and Results, MidAmerica Auctions catalog and results).


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  1. I am sure that i will come back to your blog soon, keep us posting !!!

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